Wednesday, December 21, 2011

For Sale: Guitar No. 20, Stage Model Nylon String

This is my thin-line electro-acoustic nylon string guitar. It is for sale for $4500. I call this a Stage Model guitar because of these main features:

It has a thin profile that permits usage with a strap, in other words, you can play the guitar standing up.  It comes with the strap buttons installed.

The lack of a deep body greatly reduces feed-back when using the guitar plugged-in in loud volume situations

The deep cut-away lets you play the higher frets with ease.

Guitar No. 20 is a deluxe model with first grade indian rosewood, mahogany neck, mitered white/black/white purflings, and spalted maple rosette.

The sound is perfect for jazz and bossa-nova, but because you can EQ as you wish, it is very versatile.
The battery is conveniently located for access from the outside, to facilitate changing it.
If you do want to sit in the traditional classical manner, the output jack is located in the correct place to clear your legs.
The simple onboard volume and tone thumb-wheel controls are located in a good location for right or left had operation.  

The upper-bout strap button does not interfere with the left hand and gives the guitar great balance.

Fret position markers on the side of the fingerboard are bright white dots and mark the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 17th fret positions.

A 12-hole tie block gives perfect downward angle. 

The guitar has low action. It can be used for flamenco if golpedores are installed.

The pick-up is a Schatten HFN-C with active preamp and volume-tone controls.  This pickups sounds much more like a microphone than under-saddle piezo types.  It has none of the expected quack associated with piezo pickups.

I do the installation of the pickup and electronics before closing the guitar, to insure everything is very secure.  

The preamp output jack is located very securely on its own block. The battery box also has a reinforced mounting block.

All the cables are neatly secured and tucked where they can't rattle.

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Unknown said...

Im not into acoustic/electric, i prefer to keep the mic outside my guitar. But this one is beautiful, i like the detail with wich you make your guitars. In this one i like the bevel finish in the corners of the body, and also the perfect details inside the guitar. I see this post is from 2011, i dont know if you have sold it yet but i wish a worthy jazz or bossa-nova player finds it. cheers