I'll work with you to make the guitar that is best suited to the music you play and how you play it. You can have your instrument tailored in the choice of wood, neck profile, body depth, string spacing, scale length, inlays, and other aesthetics. Please check out my gallery page for examples of designs I currently use.

I now offer 2 models:

Standard model

The standard is a modern body size of 19.125 inches long and 14.5 inches wide. It is based on the Madrid guitars of the beginning of the 20th century of Santos Hernandez and Domingo Esteso. For my standard model guitars I use different bracing patterns to achieve different tonal palettes. Some of the basic patterns are based on Torres/Hauser (classical), Bouchet/Granada (classical), Barbero (flamenco), Santos (classical/flamenco), Conde (flamenco), and Reyes (flamenco)

FE-17 model
The second guitar is based on the FE-17 1864 Torres. It is the same model as the first Torres that Francisco Tarrega owned. It has a body that is 18.25 inches long and 12.9 inches wide. I call it a romantic classical guitar because of the music being played at the time this guitar was made by Torres.

Currently, a classical or flamenco Luis Fernandez de Cordoba guitar sells for US$5000. My guitars include the following standard features:
  • top: European spruce, western red cedar and others
  • back and sides: Indian rosewood, flame maple, Mediterranean cypress and many other alternatives
  • binding: rosewood or flame maple
  • neck: mahogany, Spanish cedar
  • neck width, shape and string spacing: your choice*
  • action: your choice**
  • scale length: 650 mm or other 
  • fingerboard: ebony or rosewood
  • bridge: rosewood (6 or 12 hole tie block) with bone edge strips
  • handmade rosette: traditional (Signature, Madrid, Torres or Torres/Hauser styles) or exotic wood styles.
  • purfling: multi-line 
  • nut and saddle: bone
  • tuning machines: Rubner, Golden Age or Pegheds
  • finish: french polish (amber or blonde tones)
  • strings: your choice
  • golpeadores: clear or white plastic (for flamenco guitars)
  • standard white dot fret markers
  • guitar case: basic
  • free shipping: anywhere in the USA

Additional custom options (at extra cost) include:
  • master grade top: my very best tops
  • upgrade back and sides: CSA rosewood, flame walnut, figured Indian rosewood, ziricote, Malaysian blackwood and others
  • other binding wood
  • double laminated sides
  • special commission rosette
  • graphite neck reinforcement
  • upgrade tuning machines: Scheller, Sloan, Alessi, Rodgers, etc.
  • pearl or inlaid bone tieblock overlay
  • pearl bridge wing inlays (large dots, diamonds, flowers, etc.)
  • Fossil ivory nut and saddle
  • "flechas" purfling around top
  • slanted line purfling on back and sides
  • cutaway
  • pickups
  • special commission inlays 
  • strap buttons
  • pearl dot fret markers
  • multistring guitar (7, 8, 9…13 string guitar)
  • multiscale guitar
  • armrest
  • special pickguard or golpeador
  • upgrade case: Visesnut, Bam, etc.

A US$1000 deposit is required when you place an order, at which time you will get on my waiting list. Waiting times vary, but one year is the norm. The rest of the payment is required before delivery of the finished guitar. I take checks or money orders. I can also receive money by Paypal, fees may apply.

If you are not happy with the guitar, returns are possible and will be handled on a case by case basis.  

Guarantee: I will repair free of charge (excluding shipping) any damage to the guitar. This excludes wear and tear and improper handling of the guitar.

*The standard neck is 52 mm wide at the nut and 62 mm at the 12th fret. Thickness is 23 mm at the 1st fret and 25 mm at the 9th fret. Standard string spacing is 43 mm at the nut and 57-58 mm at the bridge.

**Standard action is 3.0-3.5 mm from high E to low E at the 12th fret for classical models, and 2.5-3.0 mm for flamenco models. I can make the action suite your preference. I can also supply various saddles with different actions for an additional charge.