Fret leveling and refretting
  Nut and saddle work and fixing intonation problems
  Repair of cracks, breaks, unglued parts and finishes
  French polish
  Installation of tap plate (golpeador) and undersaddle pickup
  Installation of tuning machines and pegs
  Restoration of vintage guitars

I review all repair and restoration work in person and then provide an estimate. For long-distance jobs, I can review detailed photos to provide a rough estimate, and then you would ship the instrument to me.

There are usually a couple of ways to approach a repair depending on the type of work you want and need. Quicker work is less expensive but also focuses less on cosmetics.  Thorough work is more expensive, and then some instruments just need more work than others.  

Some of my past repair work:

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V Watts said...

Just had my 1992 Howell's frets leveled and nut slots adjusted by Luis today and can highly recommend him for any type of guitar repair or adjustment! Will be going back to him in the future when needing these services.
V. Watts
Springfield, VA