Wednesday, May 4, 2011

From Bracing to Binding, Guitar #14

Here you can see a little of the process of bracing the top. This is the traditional Torres fan bracing, with the addition of a long and flat brace positioned under the saddle. Some may call this a bridge patch, but in this method, because it is continuous from the bass to the treble and varies in thickness throughout its length, it controls and unites the top, much like the bridge bar on Robert Bouchet's guitars but a bit more subtle.

I have to notch all seven fan braces to fit exactly over the flat brace. After I glue the seven fans and shape them, I glue the lower V braces and the soundhole braces.

I shape those, and last I glue on and shape the cross/harmonic braces.

The top is now ready for the assembly process: joining the top to the neck, joining the sides to the neck and top, and gluing the tail block, peones, and solid lining.

After gluing on the back the guitar is ready to have its purfling and binding installed.

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