Friday, September 27, 2013

Repair: Hermanos Conde 1997

I've been getting quite a few Condes for repair lately.  They are the quintessential modern flamenco guitar.  This one belongs to DC area flamenco guitarist Ricardo Marlow.

It's a blanca, with a long scale length and wide body. Ricardo talked to me about the sound of this guitar and why he prefers blancas. 

This label does boast the "Sobrinos de Esteso" title, which means it is part of their high end line. It also has handwritten "Conde Hermanos" on it.

It came in primarily for a hairline crack in the top, which I gladly repaired and touched up.

There was also a lot of gunk on the fingerboard, evidence of the guitar's proffesional use.

A good cleaning makes it much nicer and is part of the general maintenace of a guitar.

I also found the guitar had cracks along the side of the fingerboard caused by shrinkage of the ebony.

I glued these up and they felt solid.

For those who like to see bracing patterns, here is an "x-ray" of the Conde's top after the repair.

Please be  sure to check out Ricardo's website or one of his shows if you are ever in the DC area!

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