Sunday, January 31, 2016

Postcards from Paracho

The town of Paracho in Mexico is that country's center of guitar making. There you can find the cheapest to the finest of corded instruments being made in an artisanal way using mostly handtools.

I made my pilgrimage through the city in June, 2002 and was drawn to the open front space of Jose Luis Diaz' "taller". That afternoon and on subsequent days he treated me to great conversation and gave me these old postcards.

On another day a young man began to talk to me at the plaza. He invited me to his father's shop, none other than the great Carlos Piña. So generous was this man with his time that he let me stay all day, talking and watching him work.  On another day he took me sightseeing to a parcel of land he had outside of town with a view just like the one on this postcard.

Paracho was also home to some of the best and genuine Mexican food I have ever had. But most of all this experience was key in forming my passion for guitar making in the artisanal way. Thank you Señores Diaz and Piña!

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