Sunday, May 22, 2016

Repair: Pedro Maldonado (made by Luis Maldonado) 1995

Pedro Maldonado and his sons Pedro and Luis are very well regarded guitarreros working in the cities of Malaga and Torremolinos in the Spanish region of Andalusia. Pedro Maldonado the father originally from Loja in the province of Granada studied the craft under the makers of the Granada School Manuel de la Chica, Eduardo Ferrer and Antonio Robles.

Many famous players own and play Maldonado guitars including the owner of this one, the Iranian singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer Faramarz Aslani.

The main problem with the guitar was a badly repaired headstock crack.  Repaired on the run with some synthetic glue and a clamping without cauls.

The crack actually didn't completely close and had a filet of glue holding it together.  There were also a few cracks on the top and one on the back. One of the cracks on the top was also badly repaired and even though it was holding up OK, I tried to make it look a little better.


For the headstock repair I recommended a back of the head reinforcement which would basically reconstruct the area of the break.  All the repairs were done with hide glue.

For  the cracks on the top and back I try to get them perfectly aligned and use light 1 mm thick redcedar cleats to reinforce the top cracks and spanish cedar cleats for the back. Then I seal the cracks with shellac and do a tiny amount of french polish.


The guitar's sound improved a lot after the repair, regaining it's high end. Thanks Faramarz for trusting me with the Maldonado.

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