Saturday, June 22, 2019

Guitar making Spring 2019

Here are some things I've been working on these last months.

Balsa doubletop: basically a laminated top with a pocket taken out and substituted with thin balsa sticks. The whole thing is glued up using hide glue. Very powerful sound but not nomexy or doubletoppy, rich sound, great clarity.

Laminated sides: a stiffer, more massive side is made up by gluing two 2 mm thick bent sides. Inner side in this case is redcedar.

Laminated back: a little harder to explain, but can be done if the back is a very unstable material  such as some hardwoods, also changes the way the back vibrates depending on the thicknesses of the laminations.

Brass tornavoz: a conical tube placed in the soundhole. Lowers resonance of soundbox. I'm using copper tape to close them so they can be easily removed.

Open harmonic bars: both the upper and lower harmonic bars are left open to the sides of soundhole. Very rich and colorful sound.

5 fan bracing: lighter bracing pattern. Quicker sound production.

Solid laminated linings back and top: very solid coupling of top and back membranes to the sides.

Closing the box top last: top is glued to the sides last when the structure is solid and ready to receive top...

Balsa doubletop concert guitar: 

Modified Torres FE-17 style:

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