Saturday, November 23, 2019

Guitar Building Fall 2019

Here is the inside view of my two latest guitars, #56 and #57, one a "Concierto" model and the other "Homenaje a Torres" model.

The "Concierto" is a full size guitar with 650 mm scale, laminated sides and slightly elevated fingerboard. In this case the bracing is a 5 fan open harmonic bar system. Back and sides are of a medium light density wood from East Asia called black limba. It is similar to walnut or Spanish cedar in density. The sides are laminated with Alaska yellow cedar, and the top is European spruce. On both guitars I'm gluing the top on last onto solid laminated linings.

On the "Homenaje a Torres" guitar I'm trying to follow the what I see as the Torres design and method as closely as possible. The sides are about 1 mm thick, The braces are glued in the guitar before the back. The braces are not scalloped on the ends and have a tapered profile, the top is very thin and the back is a little thicker. The soundbox is shallower and about 5/16" or 8 mm narrower. This particular guitar is made with walnut back and sides.

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