Monday, February 9, 2015

Batch Work

Most guitar makers build in batches. Making the same part for various guitars is more efficient and a good way of practicing your technique and refining it. Right now I am working on parts for 6 guitars. I cut up all the wood and then join, profile, scrape, plane, glue and carve it, for parts such as the top, back, sides, braces, rosette, binding, purfling, neck, heel, headstock, end blocks, glue blocks and linings. When all that is prepared I start construction of the guitars and finally I break up the 6 guitars into batches of 2 and do the binding, fretboard, fretting, neck carving, bridge and finishing.

Aside from this I am also currently working on 2 new models. One is based on a plantilla of the Madrid School of Domingo Esteso and Santos Hernandez and the other on the Torres 1864 FE-17. For these I have to make new soleras, templates and moulds.

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