Saturday, June 27, 2015

Repair: Andreas Kirmse 2011

A few weeks back I got this 2011 Andreas Kirmse for some nut and saddle work and polishing the finish and even though I didn't document the job I still wanted to share my thoughts on this German double top or sandwich top.

A double top, also called a sandwich top or a composite top, usually consists of a layer of a honeycomb type material between two thin veneers of spruce or redcedar.  As I understand it, this filler material is very light, flexible and strong. Unlike a solid top, a composite top is equally flexible along every axis as if the wood were lacking in grain structure.

The top is about 2.5 mm thick, just like a standard solid wood guitar top, but probably weighs less. It is braced minimally, only 5 braces parallel to the grain, with no support under the perimeter of the lower bout.  The guitar also uses double or laminated sides and solid lining that was doubled under the top in the lower bout.

As you may guess the guitar is super loud and responsive with a very lyrical voice but mellow trebles. I enjoyed taking a look at this super well crafted German guitar.

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