Saturday, June 27, 2015

Repair: Lester Devoe 2008

This week I had the pleasure of repairing a guitar by one of the great builders of flamenco guitars, Lester Devoe.  Devoe is closely associated with Paco de Lucia and other great players.

This negra had a redcedar top and Madagascar rosewood back and sides.

It also has the best fitted and smoothest functioning traditional friction pegs I have ever felt.

The action and bridge height was textbook for flamenco, and no wonder these guitars are so sought after as some luthiers say the bridge is the number one important part in a guitar.

The repair was a straight forward re-glue of half of a back brace. The owner, who is quite a connoisseur, told me Lester uses hide glue exclusively throughout the build (like me) which makes re-gluing that much easier since hide glue is reversible.

What a joy to work on great guitars like this one!

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v2or said...

Luis is the only Luthier I would consider bringing my guitar to on the East Coast. A fine gentlemen and a absolute joy to work with. I am the owner of this guitar and can only give high accolades to Luis and look forward to working with him on a future build. The work is clean, fantastic and very fairly priced. If you need you guitar worked on or want to have a luthier build one for you this is one Luthier to seriously conside. I live in NJ and to make it to Luis shop is less than three hours and Alexandria is a fun place to visit. Luis thank you for fixing my guitar your work is amazing.